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The Select Stays website has been developed so that it is easy to use and intuitive. Throughout the website you will find help tip symbols; if you hover your mouse over the symbol, a helpful tip or explanation will appear.

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Frequently Asked Questions

  1. How do I make a booking?
    • A: Having identified the property(s) you wish to enquire about, click on the Enquire button, complete the online Enquiry form and submit it.
  2. Do I need to pay a bond?
    • A: Every Operator is different but generally Operators do require a Bond. The amount of the Bond is set by the Operator. Some Operators only require an Authority to Deduct Form to be completed for the bond amount but only process the transaction in the event of there being a bond claim.
  3. How do I collect the keys?
    • A: Different Operators use different methods for key collection, ranging from a personal meet and greet service through to a self check in using a lock box/keys on site. The Operator will inform you of the method of key collection as part of process of making final arrangements for your arrival.
  4. How can I change my booking?
    • A: You can request a change of your booking via the Select Stays web site. Use your booking id to access your booking and submit a "Request Change"
  5. What payment methods can I use?
    • A: Select Stays presently accepts on line credit card payments for Visa and Mastercard, and electronic funds transfer and direct deposits for bookings made within Australia.
  6. How do I get Operator contact details?
    • A: All communications during the booking process are via the Select Stays web site. When you have paid for your booking in full you are put in direct contact with the Operator to make final arrival arrangements.
  7. What is the Reservation Service?
    • A: The Select Stays Reservation Service is an innovative method for those who haven\'t got the time to research multiple properties or are not familiar enough with the Region/Area to know where to choose. You will receive a "short list" of suitable accommodation properties that meet your requirements from which you can choose your accommodation.
  8. What are your Terms and Conditions?
  9. How do I list my property on Select Stays?
    • A: Please visit this page for more information on listing your property on Select Stays.
  10. How can I provide feedback?
    • A: We welcome your feedback about Select Stays! Please complete our Contact Form to get in touch.

If you still have a query, after reading our FAQ above, we encourage you to contact our office for assistance.

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The list of common terms used across this website.

Term Definition
Advanced Search
The facility which allows an enquirer to identify properties based on a range of specific criteria
The local area in which the property is located. Areas within cities are generally defined as CBD, Central, Northern, Southern, Western, Eastern and beach/bayside
Authority to Deduct
A credit card authority form used to manage the bond associated with the stay
An amount of money an Operator holds during the guest stay to protect against the unlikely event of damage to the property/furnishings and fittings. Not all Operators apply Bonds and the manner in which they are managed varies e.g. some take a credit card imprint, others take cash.
A quotation which has been accepted by the Enquirer and an instalment payment made
The country in which the property is located
A form submitted by an enquirer identifying dates for a stay
Enquiry/Quotation/Booking Id
The unique number associated with an enquiry and which is carried through the life of the enquiry through all it statuses
Extra Charges
Extra charges which the Operator may include in a quotation above and beyond those listed on the property listing
Family Friendly
A property which is suitable for children
Properties tagged by an enquirer of particular interest. Favourites can be sent to other people via E mail
Finalised Booking
A booking for which full payment has been made and final arrangements have been initiated for the guest arrival
The term used to describe an enquiry, quotation or booking which has been deleted
List View
A listing of the brief descriptions of properties returned in a Search
Map View
A map view of the properties returned in a Search, each property being marked by a pin
A Select Stays member. A person/company who manages a property. See also Operator
My Bookings
The feature located on the Home page which allows an Enquirer to access their enquiry/quotation/booking and undertake actions
The person who manages a property. See also Member
Parked enquiry
An enquiry which is not processed immediately but “parked” for future processing action
Peak Rate
A price band to which a higher accommodation rate applies. There may be multiple peak rates for a property
Price Band
A begin and end date to which a particular accommodation rate applies
An enquiry for which the Operator has provided a quotation
Quotation Validity Period
The period (hours) for which a Quotation is normally held open before being lapsed
The region in the state or province of the property in the country in which the property is located. Regions are generally defined along tourism guidelines
Reservation Service
A service available to an Enquirer when they are unsure of the enquiry they want to make. It allows them to submit a more general enquiry which will be processed by the Booking Manager
The facility which allows an enquirer to identify properties based on basic criteria
Short Stay Occupancy Agreement
The form completed by the Enquirer which identifies the guests and commits them to the Terms and Conditions of occupancy
A price band to which a lower accommodation rate applies.
Standard Rate
The base rate which, unless overridden by a price band, applies to all enquiries
The state or province of the property in the country in which the property is located
Suspended Member
This status is attached to a Member record if they have failed to renew the membership
Tax Invoice
A term used within Australia for Invoices and receipts. All Tax Invoices must quote the Australian Business Number (ABN) of the business.
Verification Pending
The status of a property listing when the ownership of the property and the personal identification of the Operator has not yet been completed

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