Listing your accommodation property on Select Stays is easy!

Select Stays is an innovative Australian short stay accommodation property service. We are not just a listing service, we provide a complete short stay property management solution for operators of short stay properties. This includes all the property management tools to make the management of your property(s) easier than ever before. As well, you get a state of the art, intuitive, easy to use web listing with powerful features to make the enquirer's experience as fulfilling as possible. This will bring more enquiries to your property and make your property more profitable.

We're looking for quality properties to add to Select Stays. We're so confident that you'll enjoy additional bookings (and profit!) and our property management tools, that we're offering membership to Select Stays absolutely FREE for a limited time.

Why List with Select Stays?

We have established an excellent reputation in the short stay accommodation industry, having operated multiple short stay properties for more than 10 years. This wealth of experience is reflected in the Select Stays business model, web site design and operations. Select Stays is also the major driving force and Platinum Sponsor of the short stay accommodation industry association, iHOSTS Inc. ( Independent Hosts and Operators of Short Term Stays).

Select Stays enjoy many referrals and repeat bookings, as well as an increasing corporate clientele. Having already established excellent networks with other accommodation providers, we frequently receive "overflow" requests from a number of other sources.

Select Stays membership gives you the highest exposure for your property. Our aim is to become the number one point of contact for people looking for short stay accommodation, and the premier independent provider of quality short stay accommodation

Your Select Stays experience will be characterised by:

  • Standard tools which help you and prompt you to provide efficient, prompt and complete responses to all guest enquiries
  • Standard tools and processes to support the complete enquiry and booking process from beginning to end
  • The professionalism of all our dealings with members
  • Our in depth knowledge and experience in the short stay accommodation industry
  • Our commitment to the service we provide
  • Our commitment to set and achieve standards of excellence for providing online short stay accommodation services and to become a recognised industry leader.

Even if you are currently listing your property on other services or websites, we encourage you to list your properties here on Select Stays, and enjoy the benefits of better promotion and industry leading property management tools and information. We would also encourage you to join and support iHOSTS which is committed to the formal recognition of a sustainable and well managed short stay accommodation industry within Australia.

Are you listing your property for short stay accommodation for the first time? Please click on this link to go to our Frequently Asked Questions.

Get started!

All you have to do is complete the online membership and then follow our simple property description process, and then your property(s) will be "live" on the Select Stays website, ready to take bookings.

As an extra incentive, and to celebrate the launching of our new web application, BOTH Select Stays membership AND your property listings are FREE!!!

You'll also receive access to our Forms Library which contains our Property Management Starter Kit, valued at over $795, absolutely FREE!!